December Walk                                                                                             Sun, 4th December, 2016

Out with the dogs on a December walk,
Thoughts of Advent and holiday expectation taking shape,
When the incongruous vision looms along my path
Of a maple resplendent with electric gold.

I stop to reflect, trying to understand my impatience
With this tree flaunting a reckless disregard for calendars,
The riotous clamor that refuses to let go and give in
To the silent and more respectable winter.

Perhaps in today's climate of political fears,
Our tree wants to do its part to hold out some hope.
Maybe it's not too late for the leaves to be recounted
Before admitting defeat and choosing a more promising season.

Let us all let go of the golden promise of autumn,
Knowing it's time to prepare for the long coming winter.
Protect yourself from the biting winds, offer warmth to a stranger,
And most of all, protect the precious buds as they await new birth.