Photo Essays

What Is a Photo Essay? ​I can't say that even know for sure, but we're about to find out. I am a visual person, so images and thoughts of spirituality go hand in hand. I see a wealth of spiritual power in everyday observations.
Christmas at Our House 
​A contemplation of the family history that abounds upon the holiday tree.

Naked November
This meditation has been percolating for several weeks. I finally captured the perfect image to go with it.

Prayer Beads
A new spiritual practice with the flexibility I need for my diverse beliefs but with the familiar ritual of traditional prayer beads.
Tiny Spirits
Easily missed for those walking too fast, these tiny treasures called out for acknowledgment during a recent walk in a snowy Missouri forest.

Pride Fest Images 2012
St. Louis area Unitarian-Universalists stood on the side of love as they marched in the 2012 St. Louis Pride Fest. Featuring photos by Bill Drendel and George Grimm-Howell.

An exploration of what it means to be rooted. An examination of trees from St. Louis and Puerto Rico.
Today is the day I will climb higher, see more, do better, embrace more, love more, know more, taste more and ponder all the verbs that God is...
Fecund, that word I love that's dirt and sex and lovely life joining us all in one never-ending cosmic orgasmic organism...
This photo essay deals with a thorny subject... Nature teaches us that we all have tender hearts that must be protected.
Embracing the Shadows
A study of tree shadows that reflect the importance of balancing fire and sun with earth-bound restfulness.
Self in the Abstract
My spirituality is an abstract art form. It appreciates classical forms—but then allows the individual to create his own rules.
Images of the Sacred
"We live not by things but by the meaning of things." (Exupery) This collection of images explores sacred objects at First Unitarian.
Vision is found in my own mind's eye craning upward, scouring the heavens...for drops of truth I can catch in my mouth.
On the Path
A tribute to my favorite spiritual practice: trail running. With the trance beginning I plunge into the forest...