Twelve Meditations
Meditations for healing, inspired by the Psalms and the 12-Step Program of Alcoholics Anonymous...Written for BW:
​May love always find you, everywhere you go.

Dec. 22, 2014
Poems & Prayers
Meditation on the East
Today is the day I will climb higher, see more, do better, embrace more, love more, know more, taste more and ponder all the verbs that God is.

March 2, 2014
Meditation on the West
Go west young man, old woman, master, servant, native, are here, look up, look out on the unfolding journey that swims like stars...

March 16, 2014
Meditation on the South
South, welcome me now into your warm and passionate embrace. Show me heat and light and a fragrant flowering of life I'd nearly forgotten was possible...

April 6, 2014
Meditation on the North
Gaia embrace me, draw my roots into your nurturing bosom, anchor me in this sacred spot, the place that makes me who I am...

May 11, 2014
Meditation on the Above
Today the vision is found in my own mind's eye craning upward, scouring the heavens, the clouds, the treetops and rainbows, even,
for drops of truth I can catch in my mouth...

Feb. 2, 2014
Meditation on the Below
Fecund, that word I love that's dirt and sex and lovely life joining us all in one never-ending cosmic orgasmic organism...

Feb. 23, 2014