Binary Destruction                                                                                      Sun, 15th February, 2015

I want to destroy the myth of two.
Black and white
Love and hate
Good and evil
Hot and cold
Day and night
Male and female
Gay and straight

To black and white, I say gray.
To love and hate, I say talk.
To good and evil, I say compassion.
Why seek hot or cold when the perfect, warm bath is what I crave.
The day is harsh, the night lonely, so give me a sunset instead,
The soft night embracing me from behind, the sunlight kissing my eyes with color.

Let us let go of male and female,
Gay and straight.
Why are we forced to choose?
Do I love my right hand better than my left?
Maybe I wish to have them both, perfect mirror images.

Then I think of couples. Don’t get me started.
Double beds, double occupancy, tea for two.
Why does three not compute…sir, you can bring
Your right hand but leave the left at home.
Even God needs a Trinity to be complete.

Let us destroy the binary.
You and me and we,
Choose C, not A or B.