A Meditation on the North
Out of watery dark explosion of light, sensation, naked neediness
Sputtering gulps of alien air, like salmon snatched from flowing water.
Tiny heart pounding, lifeblood filling, flowing into flailing limbs,
Ten fingers reaching, curling, clinging, finally to sleep cradled by maternal flesh.

Gaia embrace me, draw my roots into your nurturing bosom,
Anchor me in this sacred spot, the place that makes me who I am.
Sheltered under your leafing branch I reach upward, downward, outward.
Watch over my growth as life unfolds, thoughtless, beautiful, perfect.

Earth, verdant, loving mother of all, past, future, and of this moment,
Spinning among the stars just so, balancing searing sun, serene moon,
Tending, tenderness, tenacity, teaching, touching,
At once grounding, embracing, nourishing each delicate body and soul.

Blessed Mother who imparts sacred wisdom, eternal knowledge,
Impart thankfulness to every heart, gratitude for internal treasures,
Riches that, as in the tale of loaves and fishes, pour out from each to all,
Turning out abundance to embody every need in perfect measure.

Spirit of the North, grounded in earth, let us reach up to clouds,
Give us courage to launch dreams skyward, seeking our higher selves,
Let us dream, yes, but above all teach us to love who we are.
For our Mother has made us unique and perfect—nothing else can we be.