My faith is one that embraces moral and spiritual inspiration from all sources, celebrates the worth and dignity of every person and cares for the fragile interdependent web of existence.

I was a Unitarian-Universalist a long time before I discovered there was actually a religious community full of people who cared about the same things I did—and who rejected the rigidity, fear, superstition, exclusivity and guilt that comes​​ with all of the major theistic religions and most Christian denominations.

Because we are a diverse community, we do not rely on a single set of mandatory beliefs (a creed) , relying instead on our sacred convenants with each other—to live, learn and work together for the creation of a world based on love, compassion, social justice and personal spiritual growth.

If that sounds a lot to you like the life of the historical Jesus, and of Ghandi, the Buddha, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and others, you're already on your way to ​​understanding our way of living.  

​​If you believe in the freedom and dignity of all people...members of the LGBTQIA community who want to be loved and accepted for who they are
women who want to be priests and leaders of all kinds…immigrants who want respect and family unity…just to name a few, then you are probably already one of us!

Ultimately, Unitarian-Universalism is about the search for truth and beauty and the loving companions who will accompany​​ you on the journey.  Follow the links below or read more here about a great personal interest of mine—our fellow Unitarians in Transylvania.


Our sacred convenant: The membership book​​ at​ First Unitarian Church of St. Louis
Unitarian-Universalist Association
Each UU Church, Congregation, Society or Fellowship is unique, unlike all the others. Yet we all share a desire to nurture our spirits and put our faith into action through social justice work in our communities and the whole world.

Standing on the Side of Love
A UU-inspired powerful antidote to the many forms of bigotry, violence and hatred that abound in this world.

First Unitarian Church of St. Louis
A community of memory, hope, and reverence. We covenant with each other to be inclusive, religiously non-creedal, and dedicated to freedom of belief and conscience.