Running on Empty                                                                                             Sun, 22nd March, 2015

I finally understand what Rumi is talking about. He speaks of the beauty of emptiness: "Praise to the emptiness that blanks out existence," he wrote. It's a concept I struggle with. From birth it seems we are taught to fill our lives with good things - work, faith, friends, hobbies and projects. My life is full, and, so I always thought, that is a noble and beautiful thing. For my life then has meaning and purpose and connection.

But amid all the frenetic activity, I am lost.

I mean the real me who's shy and reclusive and needs some coaxing to come out. But true emptiness means getting all versions of you out of the way so that beauty can enter. The beautiful elixir of life and universal truth is waiting to be poured into our waiting cups. But those whose cups are already full cannot receive.

Yesterday morning I returned to the forest running trail after a long winter's absence. I lost myself in the woods and made room in my consciousness to receive a message from nature, from the universe, from God if you will. And upon the greening grass, off the beaten path, I received the gift of this feather. I like to think it's from my favorite barred owl who is teaching me to see what is invisible to most.

I wish you all a great and beautiful emptiness. Who knows what may fill your waiting cup.